What I'm Doing

🛠 My main role is as an Associate Product Manager at X0PA

X0PA is building the world's most objective hiring platform. I love the team so much.

🌱 I keep a firm grip on my connection to Green Innovation through side projects


Live Projects

I co-host a podcast called Impact In Sight with Lihong, where we interview founders and funders driving Green Innovation. Impact In Sight is done in partnership with Interseed (founded by Sai Surya)

Interseed is a community platform that accelerates the pace of green innovations in Southeast Asia help impact founders attract talent and grow their organisations.

Interseed; /ˌɪntəˈsiːd/ = Intercede + Seed

  • Intercede: To make an intervention (an active choice to take action)
  • Seed: Planting knowledge and ideas to grow into insights and companies (a progressive journey)


Building In Public

Greenvesting.org helps ordinary people navigate how to invest in companies and ETFs to advance green outcomes

The hope here is to find a way to keep the website up sustainably (cost-wise) while providing myself a mental model on how to engage in green investing

This project was born out of a realisation that information about green retail investing is difficult to navigate, even for someone familiar with the space

Founderinprogress.com explores often overlooked roles (and how they come together) involved in starting and scaling companies,

The hope is to help everyone understand how their unique strengths can be used, and how that could lead to them eventually becoming founders themselves.

This project was born out of a desire to explore what it takes to build a Green Innovation team that would be successful and drive positive environmental outcomes forward.