What I'm Doing

🌾 I am currently a product manager (employee #4) at AgriG8


I’m responsible for driving the pilot(s), and I take charge of our products as we build them from 0 to 1.

🌱 I maintain other independent Green Innovation side projects

In these projects, I explore what it means to maximise one's leverage in order to create maximum environmental impact


Live Projects



Building In Public

Greenvesting.org helps ordinary people navigate how to invest in companies and ETFs to advance green outcomes

Founderinprogress.com explores often overlooked roles (and how they come together) involved in starting and scaling companies


Past Projects

I co-hosted a podcast called Impact In Sight with Lihong, where we interview founders and funders driving Green Innovation. Impact In Sight is done in partnership with Interseed (founded by Sai Surya)