Hi, I'm Irsyad Ramthan!
Hi, I'm Irsyad Ramthan!

Hi, I'm Irsyad Ramthan!

Product-Centric, Systems-Minded Green Innovator

I am a product manager by profession, and a former full-time founder turned part-time maker and all round advocate for the Green Innovation space.

I have an unabashed bias towards product.

While my experience ranges from R&D to biz dev to marketing, product and end-user centricity is at the core of how I work, and how I believe organisations and impact scale.

I have a passion for Green Innovation.

This entails navigating how to make a positive impact on the environment through a combination of technological and business innovation, while acknowledging and accepting the urgency for degrowth where we can. My aim is to jump back into being a founder with the next half decade.

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