Hi, I'm Irsyad Ramthan!
Hi, I'm Irsyad Ramthan!

Hi, I'm Irsyad Ramthan!

Product-Centric, Systems-Minded Green Innovator

I am a product manager by profession, and a former full-time founder turned part-time maker and all round advocate for the Green Innovation space.

I have an unabashed bias towards product.

While my experience ranges from R&D to biz dev to marketing, product and end-user centricity is at the core of how I work, and how I believe organisations and impact scale.

I have a passion for Green Innovation.

This entails navigating how to make a positive impact on the environment through a combination of technological and business innovation, while acknowledging and accepting the urgency for degrowth where we can. Ultimately, it’s important to drive down carbon emissions, eliminate pollution, and ensure resource continuity.

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