What I've Done

I've done pretty interesting things in the past, where I used to:


Teach at the NUS Institute for Engineering Leadership

I tutored MT5912: Frugal Innovation in 2021, where I was a student myself back in 2018, and a teaching assistant back in 2019.

Frugal innovation avoids over-engineering by adopting a “good-enough” technology approach to meet the needs for an identified market constrained in different ways such as requiring reduced cost or addressing unique usability or societal considerations.

This module provides a unique action-learning experience that assembles cross-disciplinary teams to work on identifying technological solutions for specific pre-selected real problems in the emerging markets and from industry.


Be a Biomedical Engineering student (and researcher) in NUS Engineering

I graduated with a B.Eng and dropped out of my M.Eng (I was attempting to do research on microfluidic devices to optimise chemotherapeutic dosage at the Micro-Tissue Engineering Lab).


Lead YSI SEA and its three innovation programmes as the COO

Our mission was to empower Southeast Asian youth to solve sustainability challenges. We created online-offline hybrid innovation programmes (before COVID made it cool).


Do business development for biotech company Cellivate Technologies

Cellivate Technologies developed and patented nanotechnology that enables cells to adhere better and accelerate their growth while maintaining vital cellular markers.


Coach Negotiation in Tembusu College and NUS Business School

I coached and coordinated the Heart of Negotiation Workshop, and assisted in BMA5406: Negotiations and Conflict Management.

I did research on point-of-care sensors for ions in blood, and did product development for a portable 3D-bioprinter.


Write for Biotechin.Asia, which is focused on biotech and healthcare news.

I wrote about open access bio- and med-tech, along with some other topics.